Escaper & Evader Search

This engine searches our database of Allied personnel who during WW2 either ended up behind enemy lines and managed to evade capture and return home, or those who were held in Enemy POW Camps and successfully escaped and returned home.

Total Records Found: 10066, showing 250 per page
Last NameFirst NameSoldier NumberRegt / Unit
Blake L A E Aus414752 451 Sqn RAF
Blake J C T/255636 278 Company Royal Army Service Corps
Blake G C 5501875 SB Service
Blake F A A Royal Artillery
Blake B 6023132 2/5th Btn Essex Regiment
Blake A S 190751 Royal Artillery
Blakeley F A M 619 Sqn RAF
Blakely N S/129006 Royal Army Service Corps
Blakemore E J 169156 50 Sqn RAF
Blakeny J 2660354 Grenadier Guards
Blakey J 625 Sqn RAF
Blakey J 1582692 625 Sqn RAF
Blakey H 4347913 4th Btn East Yorkshire Regiment
Blanch E W 7603266 Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Blanchard H J 2610798 2nd Btn Hampshire Regiment
Blanchet P G 35 Sqn RAF
Bland L 155850 278 Company Royal Army Service Corps
Blandfrod J G 158898 101 Sqn RAF
Blay J 2658195 3rd Btn Coldstream Guards
Blayney C 4190607 Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Bleackley E O 52174 Middlesex Yeomanry
Blight W S 22463 South African Signals
Blignaut E 113868 5 Field Regiment South African Artillery
Bliss R D 6402922 4th Btn Royal Sussex Regiment
Blondel A F T/117054 Royal Army Service Corps att Royal Army Medical Corps
Bloom A J The Buffs
Bloor J E A 8th Btn Lancashire Fusiliers
Blore J E A 3449492 8th Btn Lancashire Fusiliers
Blott W 15 Sqn RAF
Blow H H 4803744 2/5th Btn Sherwood Foresters
Blower W 4037224 9th Btn Durham Light Infantry
Blumer R A Aus411854 91 Sqn RAF
Blumer R A 91 Sqn RAF
Blunt L J 87630 7th Field Regiment South African Artillery
Blyth C I 1077501 161 Sqn RAF
Blyth C A 161 Sqn RAF
Blythe A B T/107681 Royal Army Service Corps
Boag J H RNZAF 9 Sqn RAF
Boam G W 7622445 Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Board M 3448326 156th Btn Parachute Regiment
Board L E 1604551 158 Sqn RAF
Board K B 75 Sqn RAF
Boardman J 3455007 Lancashire Fusiliers
Boatman P O C/JX134162 "Royal Navy HM Submarine ""Oswald"""
Bobbins L R L 53548 3rd Field Regiment South African Artillery
Boddington R A 104534 635 Sqn RAF
Boddington N 793 Royal Engineers
Boddy W 431 Sqn RAF
Boddy T I 7 Sqn RAF
Bode W T/97718 49 Company Royal Army Service Corps
Bodenham T 6148845 1st Btn East Surrey Regiment
Bodey L R 578 Sqn RAF
Bodley E J D 177940 3rd Field Regiment South African Artillery
Body A R 419 Sqn Royal Canadian Air Force
Bogle J T/85157 Royal Army Service Corps
Bohler C E 191598 S/AT/Serv Corps
Boiteaux-Buchanan C D 2nd Parachute Regiment
Bold P F 15 Operational Training Unit RAF
Bolesworth S T 876086 25th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Bolland A 3rd Btn Parachute Regiment 1 Airborn Div
Bolsom D 988408 11th Royal Horse Artillery
Bolter T F 77 Sqn RAF
Bolton R N 31248 3rd Field Regiment South African Artillery
Bolton K K 102 Sqn RAF
Bolton K J 45525 SHQ Rivenhall
Bolton K H HQ 38 Grp RAF
Bolton J H 175108 630 Sqn RAF
Bolton G 7592179 Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Boness L 1649548 463 Sqn RAF
Bonnar G A 47 Sqn RAF
Bonner C 6910904 2nd Btn Rifle Brigade
Bonness D J 7889903 HQ Sqn 3 Brigade Royal Tank Regiment
Booker W E T/202352 309 Company Royal Army Service Corps
Booker L G 906759 72nd Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Booker H 4346290 5th Btn East Yorkshire Regiment
Booker E J 120 Sqn RAF
Boon W J formerly a Private at HQ 17 Inf Bde Australian Imperial Force
Booth W 1148674 10 Sqn RAF
Booth W 10 Sqn RAF
Booth R Royal Army Service Corps
Booth N 190 Sqn RAF
Booth M 1083772 68th Medium Regiment Royal Artillery
Booth F A 97001955 224 Parachute Field Ambulance
Booth C L 9208 Kaffrarian Rifles
Booth C Nx60337 3rd Anti-Tank Regiment Australian Imperial Force
Boothby D C 161 Sqn RAF
Boothby D C 161 Sqn RAF
Boots R F 582 Sqn RAF
Boraman D G 47222 25th Btn New Zealand Expeditionary Force
Boreham E C 50 Sqn RAF
Borradaile R G 2nd Btn Cameron Highlanders
Borradale R G 63631 2nd Btn Cameron Highlanders
Borrer H 5506031 2nd Btn Hampshire Regiment
Borst M Royal Army Service Corps
Bosence K 7909869 42nd Btn Royal Tank Regiment
Boshoff J G 22693 South African Tech Service Corps
Boshoff D A 225703 4 SA Armd Car Regiment
Boskell L Wx8857 2/28th Btn Australian Imperial Force
Bosman P E 39060 2nd Anti-Tank Regiment South African Artillery
Bossi D D 21922 4 Field Company SA Eng
Bossick F 218 Sqn RAF
Bostock G S 9040 Kaffrarian Rifles
Bostock D 122 Sqn RAF
Bostock D 1313365 122 Sqn RAF
Bostridge I W 1322582 90 Sqn RAF
Boswell A 2nd Btn Welsh Guards
Botes W 303780 2nd AA Bty S/A
Botes O A 14766 4th Field Regiment South African Artillery
Botes J G 227116 Tech Serv Corps SAA
Botha W J 227213 South African Tech Service Corps
Botha T G 5304 Umvoti Mounted Rifles
Botha I Z 196397 6 S/A Provo Company
Botha G 27384 2 Transvaal Scottish
Botroff H G Sx400 18 Bde AASC
Boucary J N 13905765 Mauritius Pioneers
Bouch J 1086472 102nd Royal Horse Artillery
Boucher E G 1332744 174 Sqn RAF
Boucher E G 174 Sqn RAF
Boucher C H IA 778 Indian Army
Boudreau P F 161 Sqn RAF
Boughen P 4452891 107th Regiment Royal Horse Artillery
Boughton E 2nd Btn Wiltshire Regiment
Boulger R C Sx737 3 Field Company AE
Boulter V T/164744 Royal Army Service Corps
Boulton R C R 5732581 2nd Btn Parachute Regiment
Bourhill D T 201655 3rd Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Bourhill D T 3rd Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Bourne C A 6285660 1st Btn The Buffs
Bourner N 5504072 2nd Btn Hampshire Regiment
Bourner G G E 630 Sqn RAF
Bousfield R 284850 6th Btn Durham Light Infantry
Bousfield A W 130213 11th Hussars
Bouvier H T J 210 Sqn RAF
Bovee L M 626 Sqn Royal Canadian Air Force
Bovill D 2657256 3rd Btn Coldstream Guards
Bowden G 6400674 10th Btn Parachute Regiment
Bowden E G 178029 1 South African AC
Bowder G R M 175th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Bowder G R M 157th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Bowe G L 7344627 10th Parachute Battalion
Bowell C Hampshire Regiment
Bowen E C Rifle Brigade
Bowen A 1137397 72nd Anti-Tank Regiment Royal Artillery
Bowes R 790385 1 Light Anti-Aircraft Bty Royal Artillery
Bowlby G M S Royal Scots Fusiliers
Bowlby A T R124853 408 Sqn RAF
Bowlby A T 408 Sqn Royal Canadian Air Force
Bowling J 107 Sqn RAF
Bowman G A 742811 Ferry Training Unit RAF
Bowman G A Ferry Training Unit RAF
Bown L 1549493 27th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery
Box G V 4913923 11th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Boyatzis L Cy1992 129 Company Royal Army Service Corps
Boyd TW 9212 Kaffrarian Rifles
Boyd T 3189899 2nd Btn Parachute Regiment
Boyd S D Royal Artillery
Boyd S 4123978 2nd Btn Cheshire Regiment
Boyd R O F 71012 Glider Pilot Regiment
Boyd R 876542 25th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Boyd G 906449 24th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Boyd E W Nx69724 2/23rd Btn Australian Imperial Force
Boyd D L 274 Sqn RAF
Boyd D L 80 Sqn Royal Australian Air Force
Boyes G R 5495700 2nd Btn Hampshire Regiment
Boylan E 912177 68th Medium Regiment Royal Artillery
Boyle T Royal Army Service Corps
Boyle P J 124470 Scots Guards
Bozzone A J L 7887518 6th Royal Tank Regiment
Braathen H 620 Sqn Royal Canadian Air Force
Bracken L 1800682 49th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery
Bracken E Vx47713 2/24th Btn Australian Imperial Force
Bradbrook E A 6916978 10th Btn Rifle Brigade
Bradbrook D G 958853 132nd Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Bradbury K 1213065 143 Sqn RAF
Bradd F 6898443 1st Btn King''s Royal Rifle Corps
Bradford J 4458421 8th Btn Durham Light Infantry
Bradford E N 4973158 1st Btn Sherwood Foresters
Bradford B C 1st Btn Black Watch
Bradley R 2660163 Coldstream Guards
Bradley R Royal Berkshire Regiment
Bradley R 5344190 No 2 Commando
Bradley P 960738 10th Regiment Royal Horse Artillery
Bradley F 4271002 Royal Engineers
Bradley E 26394 1 Imperial Light Horse SA
Bradley D R 1377851 35 Sqn RAF
Bradley D R 35 Sqn RAF
Bradshaw E 49 Sqn RAF
Bradshaw E 944855 49 Sqn RAF
Brady W 1765663 88th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery
Brady R H EC221 IAOC
Brady M 7909693 7th Royal Tank Regiment
Brady C 2991683 7th Btn Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Bragg P H 371515 252 Sqn RAF
Bragger J E 6215317 4th Btn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
Braid T S/152153 903 Company Royal Army Service Corps
Brailsford R F 144333 514 Sqn RAF
Brailsford C L 895808 1st SAS Regiment
Brain F C 6149568 East Surrey Regiment
Braithwaite H 1685138 (RCAF) 405 Sqn RAF
Braithwaite G A 1086125 7th Medium Regiment Royal Artillery
Brakes B 420 Sqn RAF
Bramah M 2765856 Glider Pilot Regiment
Bramham N 2329812 Royal Signals
Brammer H M 3711904 King''s Own Regiment
Brand H A J 6290483 1st Btn The Buffs
Brandrick R J 5257272 Worcestershire Regiment
Brandt J 39849 137 Sqn RAF
Brann J 1707955 84th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery
Branson H I 63052 124th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Branwhite C 2927555 2nd Btn Parachute Regiment
Bratchell D F 111534 70 Sqn RAF
Bratley H W 9 Sqn RAF
Brawn R 1433896 13th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment
Brawn M H L 146332 South African Signals
Bray J 44 Sqn RAF
Bray B C 2658455 3rd Btn Coldstream Guards
Brayley W E J R108037 158 Sqn RAF
Brazill W 150 Sqn RAF
Brazill W 1384539 150 Sqn RAF
Breadmore G P/JX248124 "Royal Navy HM Submarine ""Sahib"""
Breagan J Queen''s Royal Regiment attd Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps
Brebner J H N 113877 5 Field Regiment Union Defence Force
Breed J 6846000 8th Btn Rifle Brigade
Bremner P Nz44932 22nd Btn New Zealand Expeditionary Force
Brennan H J J23877 28 Operational Training Unit RAF
Brennan H J 28 Operational Training Unit RAF
Brenner A B FTF RAF
Brenner A B J7619 RAF
Brettell D C 224975 18 Field Company Royal Engineers
Brewerton G 905004 124th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Brewster T 4343341 4th Btn East Yorkshire Regiment
Brewster D G W 6025065 2/5th Btn Essex Regiment
Brewster A 7586308 1st Btn Sherwood Foresters
Brickwood G G 2 Sqn RAF
Brickwood G C 55021 2 Sqn RAF
Bridge S 967031 132nd Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Bridge E A R130220 428 Sqn RAF
Bridge E A 428 Sqn Royal Canadian Air Force
Bridgeman W H 14390054 253 Company Royal Army Service Corps
Bridgeman R T 5948794 Beds & Herts Regiment
Bridger L G 114465 1st Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Bridges R K 101 Sqn RAF
Bridges M C 13201 RAF
Bridgman-Evans R H 2 SAS
Brien S T 7939980 8 Hussars RAC
Briers H A T/164496 Royal Army Service Corps
Briggs K J Beds & Herts Regiment 1st Army
Briggs G S Royal Armoured Corps
Briggs A J T/164275 Royal Army Service Corps
Bright T J 419 Sqn RAF

Note: Evaders are not specifically noted or differentiated from Escapers on any of the lists, the only way to ascertain this for certain is to order the MI9 report from KEW. The specific report number can be obtained from the lists here.
Write down all the information from this list when you find who you are researching, particularly the S.P/G number this will give you the information you need to order the Escape and Evade report from KEW.