Getting Documents from the U.K. National Archives – Kew

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Most of us at one time or another require documents from the U.K. National Archives – Kew as we try to obtain further and more detailed information regarding family members who have served.

The National Archives provides an online search engine and the ability to order what you need online.

There are two issues with this process – the database search engine is not user friendly unless you use it a great deal, and the prices charged by the National Archives for documents are highly inflated.

In order to overcome these issues there are knowledgable people who regularly visit the National Archives and provide the service of acquiring the documents you need, if they are available or even exist, and then copying them for you and shipping the copies directly to you.

One of the gents who provides this service, relatively quickly and for very reasonable prices is Andy. He can be reached at
drew5233 at hotmail dot com.


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  1. Thanks for that information. My father Ronald Aubrey LINDALE was in 2nd NZEF and was captured on 3rd December 1943 near Orsogna, Italy where he was held for some weeks before eventually ending up in Stalag VIIa and in work camp AK 3732 until liberated.

    I understand that on arrival in the UK he completed a liberation report. ASny idea of the cost of getting a copy of this report.


    Don Lindale