POW Camps in Italy – Map

A map, kindly provided by Enzo of the POW Camps in Italy in mid 1942. The original source for the map is Diario Storico dello SMRE – Ufficio Prigionieri di guerra (Italian Royal Army General Staff POW Branch War Diary).

And a kind translation from Enzo as well for the map legend.

Title: Dislocation of concentration camps for prisoners of war

-camp in preparation
-concentration camp and sorting
-transit camp
-pow camp for French
-pow camp for English
-pow camp for Greeks
-pow camp for Yugoslavs
-pow camp for Russians
-labor camps in progress
-labor camps in preparation
-railway yard
-province in which camp is located
from 30.06.1942 in Sardinia serves as the single concentration camp in Carbonia (nr.110) and the others are passed as detachments under it