Complete Stalag Camp map

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  1. I am wishing to find out what camp was in gleiswitz ost (o/s) and what work was carried out please

  2. Hi would like to find out more about Stalag – Muhlhausen – The Gorden Highlanders. Thanks

    • Hi, Stalag IX-C, Muhlhausen was in Bad Sulza, Germany, Stalag 309 was a work camp attached to Stalag IX-C in Muhlhausen. Are you researching a particular soldier? Information on the Gordon Highlanders – google using “gordon highlanders ww2 pow” and several good resources come up. As for Muhlhausen googling Stalag IX c or something similar brings up lots of info.
      The forum has excellent resources and many experts who can better answer your Gordon Highlander questions, if you post specific questions someone will help. If you are researching a specific soldier post what info you have along with your questions and folks will help.