Arthur E. Adams Diary

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Arthur E. Adams Diary


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  1. My sister has just completed transcribing our father’s reflections on his experiences in WWII and as a POW. It might be of interest to others who were on the Death March… Ever the Patriot (Candace Riccio Salem)

  2. I am researching the crash of an B 17 – 42-5828 “The Sweater Girl” on the 22.02.1944 in my hometown. All crew members became POW. And as i know, 4 of them in STALAG Luft IV. Are you able to sende my information (letters, pictures or thomething else).
    Neill, Homer L. S/Sgt STALAG Luft 4
    Sechrist, Charles S. S/Sgt STALAG 6 j, Luft 4 u. 1
    Cox, Charles E. S/Sgt STALAG Luft 4
    Allen, Andrew L. S/Sgt STALAG Luft 4

    Thank you very much for your help
    With kindly regards

    Helmut Frenken