Escaper & Evader Search

This engine searches our database of Allied personnel who during WW2 either ended up behind enemy lines and managed to evade capture and return home, or those who were held in Enemy POW Camps and successfully escaped and returned home.

Total Records Found: 10066, showing 250 per page
Last NameFirst NameSoldier NumberRegt / Unit
Wright A 800720 25th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Wroblewski J 138 Sqn RAF
Wyatt S 953825 17th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Wyatt M 15 Sqn RAF
Wyatt J A 49 Sqn RAF
Wyber F 909933 124th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Wycherly R B Vx28988 2/24th Btn Australian Imperial Force
Wyers R 957747 68th Medium Regiment Royal Artillery
Wylie R Qx5740 2/15th Btn Australian Imperial Force
Wynn J J 4278832 Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
Wynne J D 4983052 2/5th Btn Leicestershire Regiment
Wynne A J 214361 South African Recce Btn
Wyser V C 58 Sqn RAF
Xenofonos S Cy2213 232 Company Royal Army Service Corps
Xidacis P Cy15834 1009 Pioneer Company
Yannakis P Cy87 232 Company Royal Army Service Corps
Yapanas G Cy2420 Royal Army Service Corps
Yarrow J 4386530 7th Btn Green Howards
Yarwood H C 90 Sqn RAF
Yarwood H C 145375 90 Sqn RAF
Yarwood C T/200556 14 Company Royal Army Service Corps
Yates W S 1294363 428 Sqn RAF
Yates R E 12 Sqn RAF
Yates H T 1096329 7th Medium Regiment Royal Artillery
Yeardley E 2764219 2nd Btn West Yorkshire Regiment
Yeend A R 88985 South African Irish Regiment
Yeomans J 7th Btn Rifle Brigade
Yeowell S W 2nd Btn King''s R Regiment
Yialouris A Cy1620 232 Company Royal Army Service Corps
Yiannoulatis C Cy745 232 Company Royal Army Service Corps
Yierolemou A Cy1647 1001 Pioneer Company
Ynani Ahmed Khali 11597 Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps
Yorio C Cy3092 1003 Pioneer Company
Youghusband G E 5875 General Staff
Young W G T/121724 Royal Army Service Corps
Young W D 2873535 1st Btn Gordon Highlanders
Young S R C/KX84069 Royal Navy
Young R W 55283 207 Sqn RAF
Young R K 114 Sqn RAF
Young P A T 109301 South African Artillery
Young L T 6997 Durban Light Infantry
Young L M 571 Sqn RAF
Young L J 7901430 4th Btn Royal Tank Regiment
Young J E 32169 South African Engineers
Young G A 923427 121st Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Young G 95 Sqn RAF
Young F H 32168 South African Engineers
Young D V T/175998 Royal Army Service Corps
Young D EC2074 Indian Army
Young C M 1800 Umvoti Mounted Rifles
Young C D 58 Sqn RAF
Young B H 226788 South African Recce Btn
Young A E 617 Sqn RAF
Yussuf M Cy1888 1003 Pioneer Company
Zacharuck A 432 Sqn Royal Canadian Air Force
Zanaluk N H101421 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion
Zankowski K 138 Sqn RAF
Zawodny M 192065 301 Sqn RAF
Zingeris C Cy2600 1002 Pioneer Company
Zorob P 12355 Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps
Zouzos J Cy2635 1005 Pioneer Company
Zuk N 166 Sqn RAF
Zulikowski J 306 Sqn RAF
Zvani A 250956 Transvaal Scottish
Zwodney M 301 (Polish) Sqn RAF
Zwoerner R G Qx10479 2/15th Btn Australian Imperial Force

Note: Evaders are not specifically noted or differentiated from Escapers on any of the lists, the only way to ascertain this for certain is to order the MI9 report from KEW. The specific report number can be obtained from the lists here.
Write down all the information from this list when you find who you are researching, particularly the S.P/G number this will give you the information you need to order the Escape and Evade report from KEW.